“A journey from Crafting Hobby to Small Business Success”

You know that moment?….

The moment when you’ve perfected making your handcrafted baby toys (feel free to insert your own particular craft here), your own baby loves them, your friend’s babies love them, you’ve sold them to friends of friends, maybe you’ve even set up a Facebook page and someone (probably your best friend) says, “you know, you’re actually really good at this, why don’t you get one of those Etsy shop things”.

Anyway, so that moment, when you’re full of tentative enthusiasm and excitement and about a million questions and daring to dream you might actually be able to do this thing….

That’s what this blog is about. I run an Etsy shop selling my pencil art commissions, prints and cards which I’ve had for a few years (and doing commissions for over 10 years) but It’s only been my only source of income for 8 months so it’s time to ‘get serious!’

I love to research and plan and I love to share but it never really fitted with my art blog, so I set up a new one (because, you know, I’ve got spare time for a second blog!). So I’m going to share my journey, my plans, my research, my successes and my disasters so hopefully it’ll help you too. If you’re just starting out, just getting serious or just looking for confirmation you’re not the only one struggling away at trying to build a business doing what you love, then this blog is for you!!

“It’s about helping you to build and grown and your own business”

I want to fill you with enthusiasm and confidence about starting your business by blogging about selling on Etsy, social media, marketing, branding and fitting in work around your family. I will write blog posts, how-tos, helpful guides and share my own journey of turning my shop into a viable business and this blog from nothing to a wonderful, useful resource for crafty start ups the World over!!

A little bit more about me

  • I am a Mum to boy/girl toddler twins.
  • I love Chocolate, stationary and books (actual books made of paper)
  • I’m am an obsessive compulsive reader and a hideously bad housewife!
  • I am a little bit ditsy, a little bit sarky and officially an odd bod with a INTJ personality. (check it out here if you’re into personality tests and psychology. Female INTJs make up 0.8% of the whole population! I am actually pretty proud of this fact)

I am very excited about this new project, I’m excited to find out about yours too – come and talk to me on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest, introduce yourself in the comments here if you like, whatever you prefer.

Laura x x


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